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Fly Fish For Bonefish Reviews



Fly Fishing for Bonefish Reviews

“It is hard to imagine a more thorough treatise.” —Salt Water Sportsman

"What a delight to have everything one needs to know about bonefishing in a well-organized, easy-to-read volume. Dick Brown has done a masterful job ferreting out the essential facts, giving the reader all of the necessary information to catch the gray ghost of the flats. Fly Fishing for Bonefish will become the standard reference for veteran and beginner alike, answering the critical "what, where, when, why, and how" questions. It's going to be the bible on bonefishing—from tackle to tactics to techniques!" —Mark Sosin, host, Mark Sosin's Saltwater Journal on ESPN Television

"I loved it ... easily the best on the subject." —Tom McGuane, author of Ninety-Two in the Shade and An Outside Chance

"Dick Brown's bonefish book is superb. I've read it three times. Every fisherman ought to have this, not only the saltwater addict. This is one of the few fishing books that I've ever read that appears impossible to improve." —Gene Hill Field and Stream

"I think this book is terrific. Best thing on bonefishing around by miles." —Howell Raines, New York Times Editor and author of Fly Fishing Through the Mid Life Crisis

"A classic … Dick Brown tells virtually everything a fly fisher needs to know about the sport ... a superb book." —John Randolph, Fly Fisherman

“The sheer density of information about the species would make the book a definitive treatise without any mention of how to stalk and trick one into biting a fly. The practical tips, the how-tos, the catalogues of tackle to bring, how to travel with it, and what to do with it once you get there is staggering. Simply put, I can't think of any book devoted to a single species with the level of detail that Dick Brown has put into his. The man is a perfectionist – these books were written to be authoritative and stand the test of time as only very few angling titles can.” —Dave Churbuck, founder of Reel-Time—The Internet Journal of Saltwater Fly Fishing

"This book is by far the best and most complete work on bonefish ever written. It covers every aspect of the sport, including the biology of Albula vulpes, innovative fly patterns, strategies on the flats, how to spot fish, fish the tides, and much, much more. Brown is an expert bonefish hunter and superb fly tyer. This book is a must-read for beginners and experts alike." —Carl Richards, author of Selective Trout and Fly Fishing Strategy

"If you are into bonefishing, or thinking about it, I recommend reading both Brown and Kaufmann. If you have time or inclination for only one, then read Brown. " —Bob Berls, The Anglers Club of New York Bulletin

"The sentiment among bonefishermen buying Dick Brown's magnum opus will be uniform and predictable: 'Where was this book when I was getting started?'" —John Hewitt, Gray's Sporting Journal

"I consider Fly Fishing for Bonefish a true benchmark in the literature." —Nick Curcione, author of the Orvis Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing

"In a dozen detailed chapters, Brown describes the history of fishing for bones, their classification, anatomy, feeding behavior and food, how to read bonefish water, how to find and see bonefish (no easy task, if you've never tried it), selecting bonefish flies, casting, hooking, playing, and releasing bones, wading techniques, fly fishing equipment, tying bonefish flies and just about anything else anyone could conceivably want to know about these fish and the fly-rod tactics used to catch them. That in itself is impressive, but there's more—two back-of-the-book chapters ("Destinations" and "Advice frm Some Veterans") which by themselves are worth the price of admission...this book will surely serve as the standard work on the subject for a long time to come." —Steve Raymond, Fly Fishing Saltwater

"Where this book beats the competitors is in the science and in its specificity...There are nine pages of (fascinating) charts on bonefish food alone! ...there's enough data here to satisfy amateur ichthyologists as well as fishermen. Altogether, an extremely useful and informative book." —Stephen J. Bodio, Fly Rod & Reel

"I'm going to recommend it to a lot of people." —Lefty Kreh

“Dick Brown does it again! EXCELLENT! Once again Dick Brown has written an authoritative and comprehensive book on fly fishing for bonefish. I bought his first book, Fly Fishing for Bonefish in 1993 when I first took up the sport. I learned a great deal by reading and then re-reading it. A few years later I bought his book, Bonefish Fly Patterns, which I still use regularly. The format, which includes a photograph, detailed materials list, tying instructions and anecdotes or history for each fly has never been equaled. This new and revised edition builds on his first book adding even more useful material. Everyone interested in pursuing bonefish on the flats will enjoy and learn from this book. Dick Brown is a bonefish expert, a master angler and a skillful writer. His clear text, sharp photographs and illustrations communicate the essential and the advanced aspects of gear selection, stalking, spotting, casting, catching and finally releasing what he regards as the ultimate flats quarry. Brown's enthusiasm and expertise light up every page.” —Bill Lambot, author of The Last Fifty Feet

This is the Bible of bonefishing. This is the most complete guide to bonefishing written to date. For those of us who are addicted to fly fishing for bonefish, this book goes on every trip to the flats. There are a few more-recently written bonefishing books, with updated tackle and location descriptions, but Dick Brown's book is the most complete for learning what to expect on the flats—wading or in a boat. Great photos and drawings of different scenarios when fish are spotted, and tips on spotting fish in different wind, cloud, and temperature conditions. The book has brief descriptions of bonefishing destinations, the best times to go, and what to expect once you're there. There is also an interesting discussion of the bonefish's diet based on a recent scientific study of what bonefish eat. I've flipped through this book so many times, the pages are falling out. If you've ever been fly fishing for bonefish or you are considering going, get this book first.”— Quinton Dickerson III, Arlington VA, Reader’s comment on



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