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 Dick gives slide shows, presentations, and clinics for fly fishing shows, fishing clubs, angling groups, and fly fishing retailer events. You can ontact him at 978 314 6879 or for your next event. 

Dick has stalked bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook, and other tropical saltwater species for over 35 years and he has fished extensively for bones in the Bahamas, Caribbean, Pacific, South America, and Florida Keys. He is one the foremost authorities on bonefish and author of Fly Fishing for Bonefish and Bonefish Fly Patterns, published by Lyons Press, considered by many to be the bibles on this great game fish.

In addition to his angling expertise, Dick is an innovative fly designer, tyer, and authority on bonefish patterns. He has created several signature flats flies including the Beady Crab, the Hare Trigger, the Strip Tease, the Phantom Crab, and the Slinky Toad.

Dick has contributed to a number of angling anthologies and other books, including Bob Veverka’s Innovative Saltwater Flies, Mitchell Beasley’s The Complete Book of Fly-Fishing, Alan Robinson’s Saltwater Grand Slam, Salt Water Sportsman’s Saltwater Fishing Tactics, and Bill Cummings’ Atlantic Salmon Fishing. He has also written for Salt Water Sportsman, American Angler, Fly Fishing in Saltwaters, Fly Fisherman, Saltwater Fly Fishing, the Atlantic Salmon Journal, and The Yale Angler’s Journal.

Dick lives on the north shore of Massachusetts where he and his wife, Carol Wright, pursue striped bass, bluefish, and other inshore species, when they’re not exploring bonefish and permit flats to the south. They also fish for Atlantic salmon in Canada’s maritime provinces and for trout and steelhead in the American West and Northwest.

Dick is an executive board member of the New England Saltwater Fly Rodders and a member of the Tarpon & Bonefish Trust, the International Game Fish Association, United Fly Tyers, Trout Unlimited, and Stripers Forever. He also served on the Board of Directors of New England Fly Tyers. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Connecticut with a joint B.A. in English and history, and he is a graduate of Dartmouth College's Amos Tuck School of Business Executive Program. He spent much of his business career in the computer industry, running worldwide marketing and communications for a Fortune 500 computer firm and as CEO and founder of Brown Wright & Company—a high tech marketing company.


“This winter I was poking through the forums on Reel-Time and was astonished at how bonefishing had, after nine years of the site being in existence, become the number one hot topic of winter discussions. A bonefish fly swap was booming along, with over a hundred responses to the topic, and some serious bonefishermen were swapping tips and secrets freely before our very eyes.

“Then one of the bonefishermen tipped his hand by signing his post, 'Dick.' Could it be? Nah. I looked at his personal profile. Profession: High tech marketing. The guy really knew bonefish flies. I did some Googling and came to the conclusion that Dick Brown was lurking in our midst as Marshrunner.

“Like Wayne in Wayne's World, I wanted to get down on my knees and salaam and proclaim, 'We're not worthy! We're not worthy!' Call me a sucker for an author, but I still think it is completely cool that a hotshot like Dick Brown will log in and take the time to patiently explain to some novice the essentials of tying the right pattern for Andros, or speak authoritatively about Bahamian airlines, carrying rods aboard, and how to keep sand out of your wading boots.” —From The Cult of Dick Brown, David Churbuck, Founder of Reel-Time






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