Dick gives PowerPoint slide shows and presentations for fly fishing shows, fishing clubs, angling groups, and fly fishing retailer events. Contact him at 978 314 6879 or dick@dickbrownbonefishing.com for your next event. 

Be a Better Bonefish Angler—Tune-up Your Flats Skills before Your Next Trip
Whether you are a flats novice or a multi-trip veteran, you will fish better on your next bonefish trip after you hear Dick’s tips on how to improve every skill-set required for this demanding but exhilarating sport. He drills down into every aspect of the sport—and gives useable tips on how you can improve each of them—from always being ready on deck to seeing fish better to improved casting and aiming to stripping and striking more effectively to playing difficult fish. Dick will answer both the basic and advanced questions that anglers ask when heading south to chase bones, permit, and other flats game fish.  And he will help you see new ways to spot fish better, find fish, cast effectively in wind, deal with clouds, avoid line hazards, and know when to strike fish. He will also discuss the nuts and bolts of equipment and bullet-proof rigging in this sport where the backing connection goes through the rods guides every time you hook up. Invite Dick to present this entertaining tip-filled one-hour-plus PowerPoint program, which is based on the latest edition of his Fly Fishing for Bonefish book.




Bonefish Flies 2.0—the Next Generation in Flats Flies
Building on the exciting findings of Dick’s research for his newest book, Bonefish Fly Patterns, 2nd Edition, this show examines the new fly design techniques being applied by today’s most innovative tiers and most experienced flats anglers. Using detailed macro-lens close-ups of flies, Dick shows the novel design trends and the latest tying techniques being applied to flats flies by today’s best tiers, including glow-through body dubbing, micro-flash winging, flats-agnostic coloring, self articulating appendages, prey-true appendage movement, and exaggeration of triggering traits to make flies more productive on more fish at more locations. He also shows some of the pioneering work underway in creating better large-prey patterns such as crabs, mantises, and toadfish that successfully capture prey form and deliver desired sink rates. In addition, Dick uses close-ups of prey to reveal how bonefish behavioral research, eating-preference studies, and prey observation are all reshaping flats fly design to produce more effective patterns.




What’s in Your Fly Box—Selecting (and Fishing) the Best Bonefish Flies
In this presentation, Dick describes the key functional characteristics and prey factors you must consider when selecting bonefish flies for a flats trip, while he simultaneously profiles today’s most effective flats flies, including many of the new patterns he researched for Bonefish Fly Patterns, 2nd Edition. He covers:
• Major prey families favored by bones and the best patterns for suggesting them.
• The functional requirements bonefish flies must meet to get in front of fish without spooking them—and then trigger them to strike.
• Fly design strategies to control flash, sink-rate, splash impact, and snag-proofing, self-animation to entice fish
• Bonefish triggers and the design strategies to make flies more seductive
• Destination prey and terrain differences and how they affect fly choice, with examples of how to stock your fly box for different parts of the world.







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