Dick performs fly fishing and bonefishing clinics at many fly fishing shows, retailer events, clubs, and other interested angling groups. Contact Dick at 978 314 6879 or dick@dickbrownbonefishing.com to book him for your event. 

Bonefish Flies 2.0
This half-day seminar overviews innovative new trends in bonefish fly design and highlights important prey discoveries driving many of today’s newer, more productive bonefish patterns. The class consists of a 30- to 45-minute PowerPoint presentation that shows close-ups of prey and fly patterns and reviews the implications of recent prey research for flats fly design.  It also features detailed macro-lens fly photos to convey the novel designs and tying methods being applied to flats flies by today’s best tiers. Attendees will learn about exciting new patterns like the Bully, Ghost, Reverend Laing, Bastard Crab, and Strip Tease and how to adopt the innovative tying techniques (like “inner-glow” loop-dubbed bodies, the hottest bonefish triggers, and flats-agnostic coloring), being explored by today’s best flats tiers to make their bonefish flies more productive.

Dick’s clinic will take you through the step-by-step tying some of the best new flats patterns, some never before published. And how to tie each pattern the way it is tied by its original creator—many of whom are the most experienced veterans working the flats today.

Tying Big Profile Flies for Trophy Bones
Big bonefish like to eat big prey. Meaty crabs, toadfish, mantises, and long-bodied shrimp drive them absolutely crazy! So don’t miss this chance to tie the best new big-bodied bonefish flies with flats expert Dick Brown at this special tying clinic. He’ll show you the most effective large-profile patterns & guide you through each step as you create irresistible features like extended eyestalks, long antennae, and splayed leg arrays that characterize these enticing patterns. The class includes a 30-minute PowerPoint show detailing big prey and big fly design techniques. Learn to tie tantalizing new big-profile flies like the Strip Tease, Veverka’s Mantis, the Phantom Crab, the Big Ugly, the Bastard Crab, the Merkwan, Dorsy’s Toad, Cathy’s Fleeing Crab and Peterson’s Spawning Shrimp.



Bonefish Fly Tying 101
This is a how to class for bonefish fly newcomers that will have you tying six basic go-to flats patterns that will catch bones at any destination. Dick has selected patterns that help attendees learn the special fly-tying skills peculiar to bonefish flies including creating rear-facing shrimp profiles, crab, and toad bodies, applying extended eyes, and handling metal eyes, reverse wings, silicone legs, and weed guards. He also demonstrates the essential methods for controlling sink rate and splash impact. The class takes tiers through step-by-step techniques necessary to tie six to a dozen flies including some of today’s most effective patterns. Patterns covered include a mix of reliable go-to patterns with some of the newest, most innovative designs developed for the flats today.



Tying Big-Bodied Bone Flies: Crabs, Toads, and Mantises
This fly tying clinic teaches attendees how to tie the big-bodied crab, toadfish, and mantis flies that anglers have found so effective in big-fish destinations. Tiers learn step-by-step techniques needed to tie four to eight flies (actual number depends on the program length selected and tier skill). Patterns include some of the most productive crab and toad designs being fished—designed by today’s most innovative fly designers and anglers. Most patterns featured in this tying seminar appear in, Bonefish Fly Patterns and Fly Fishing for Bonefish. The seminar can be taught in 4-hour or 7-hour lengths to meet the needs of different groups. It can be held as a half-day or evening clinic, or as a full-day seminar. The full-day session includes a slide show examining bonefish prey, pattern design, and destination selection.



Get Prepared for Your Next (or First) Bonefish Trip
Appropriate for smaller groups of 6 to 12 attendees, this half-day clinic consists of a PowerPoint presentation and some hands-on rigging and fly tying  to overview the the basic techniques you need to get into bonefishing including boat stance and line management, aiming and casting approaches, bonefish “looks” to search for, stripping and striking techniques, playing strategy, and selecting equipment and flies. A  brief tying session demonstrates how to tie several tried and true patterns that work just about everywhere and can easily be tied on location, and a fly line-to-leader-to-tippet-to-fly rigging overview shows how to perform bullet-proof terminal rigging to minimize break-offs.






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