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Bonefish Fly Patterns Reviews


Bonefish Fly Patterns Reviews

“When a guy named Dick Brown approached me in 1993 to contribute to a project he was working on, I thought about it for awhile and decided ‘why not?’ Most of the patterns I was using at the time weren't the typical fodder of the day, so I showed my hand. Today, 18 years later, with the publication of the new edition of Bonefish Fly Patterns, I feel honored to have been a small part in an unprecedented effort that is as important and pertinent now, as the day it was published.” —Tim Borski, innovative artist, expert angler, and superlative flats fly designer

“The first edition of Bonefish Fly Patterns has always sat within arm's reach of my vise and I thought it always would.  But with over 45 new patterns, the revised edition is sure to take the original's spot as the definitive guide to bonefish bugs.”—Dave Skok, Professional fly tier, author, photographer, and IGFA world record holder

“The new Bonefish Fly Pattern, 2nd Edition book by Dick Brown is as much for fly tiers as it is for any and all bonefish anglers. Beside great flies, from great tiers, there is a wealth of information about bonefish and their feeding preferences and habits. The Location Notes, Fishing Notes, Prey Notes and Anecdotes are a book unto themselves.”—Brian O’Keefe, veteran flats angler, angling photographer, and founder of Catch Magazine

“The most highly charged moment in fishing is a bonefish’s take or refusal of a fly. Brown’s new book teaches you how to clinch the “take” in this modern, clearly written treasure of fly construction, selection, and usage. I intend to devour it as avidly as I’d want a double digit bonefish to eat my fly.”—Vic Gaspeny, veteran Florida Keys flats guide, tournament angler, and IGFA fly-rod bonefish record holder (14lb 6oz bonefish).

Bonefish Fly Pattern, 2nd Edition by Dick Brown is the go-to book for bonefish fly patterns—it contains all the patterns tied by their originators. Their insights and techniques will make you a better and more successful bonefish fly tyer and fisherman.”—Bob Veverka, author of Innovative Saltwater Flies, and one of the top saltwater fly designers, tiers, and anglers on the planet

“Wherever your next destination, you will find the patterns you'll need and a generous supply of valuable information on designing, tying, selecting and fishing them in Dick Brown’s second edition of Bonefish Fly Patterns.”—Alan Caolo, author of Sight-fishing for Striped Bass, innovative fly tier and designer, veteran saltwater angler

"Bonefish Fly Patterns will make you want to tie bonefish flies whether you're a fly tyer or not! It will also give you the tools to become a better flats fisherman, with invaluable discussions of technique, presentation, fly design, and much, much more ... you'll take this book on all your bonefishing excursions" —Craig Mathews, author Fly Fishing the Madison and Bonefishing the Flats

"Bonefish Fly Patterns details the newest and deadliest flies in a full-color presentation that will be invaluable to anglers who chase Albula vulpes. This is a must-have book for all saltwater anglers!" —Carl Richards, author of Selective Trout and Fly Fishing Strategy and Prey

"I thought Dick Brown said it all in Fly Fishing for Bonefish. Wrong. Bonefish Fly Patterns says much more. Brown knows bonefish flies and he knows how, when, and where to fish each of them. Best of all he knows how to write. This is a book on fly patterns that's fun to read." —William G. Tapply, Field & Stream, author of Opening Day and Other Neuroses, and Home Water

"Bonefish Fly Patterns is a great book—truly definitive—it will last a long time." —Howell Raines, author of Fly Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis and New York Times editor

“Get Dick Brown's excellent book on bonefish patterns and find out about the latest and greatest flies the experts have tied and tried." —Leonard M. Wright, author of The Ways of Trout

Useful, concise, loaded with information “I consider myself a novice fly-tyer, having resumed the hobby after a break of over forty years. I am getting ready to go to the Bahamas for a week and wanted to tie some bonefish flies. I have about four books on saltwater flies, many of which gave me some direction, but none hold a candle to this book, which a good friend just gave me for my birthday. Excellent photography, over 150 fly recipes and pictures as well as chapters on basic tying techniques, innovations and trends, a useful glossary of materials and a chapter on locations, prey, depths, light and wind conditions as they relate to flies and presentations. Superb indexing and anecdotes. You can also easily cross-ref fishing locations with specific patterns. I'm looking for other books by this author. Can't wait to get to the weekend to put some of Mr. Brown's ideas to work.” —DD, Naples, Fl, on

All Fly Tying Books Should Be This Good “This book doesn't waste your time or money. Ever wonder what flies work where and how to tie those flies? This book tells you if you're going after Bonefish. It's to the point with great pictures, instructions and information that you can really use. Even if you don't fish for Bonefish, get this book. It will get you started.”—MZ, Los Angeles on

“A comprehensive review of bonefish flies. Complete with instructions, photos, history, and original tiers comments … an exceptional foundation for any flats flyfisher's library. A great selection of proven patterns to inspire your next "secret weapon.” —A. Kuhre, Naples, FL, on Amazon

"Super book, many flies and recipes, how to tie them and how and where to fish them. Put this one on your bench." —, i on



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